Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Black Friday Shopping Tale

I was standing half-naked in a dressing room at Macy’s when a complete stranger burst into the little cubicle.

“What the!” I leapt aside, grabbing my sweater and trying to hid the pertinent parts. The man turned and stared, his eyes wide, his expression frantic.

“Look, I’m not gonna hurt you, lady, but there are some bad guys on my tail…” He held up a finger and peeked out the sliding curtain.

“Shit!” He rushed to me and grabbed me by the elbows. My top fell on the floor and my bare boobs got up close and personal against his leather jacked. “Help me out of this jam and I’ll owe you.”

“Owe me? I don’t even know who you are!” Though I wasn't so sure I didn't want to get to know him. The brute strength in his arms, the great cleft in his chin and a really yummy manly scent were all secondary to his grungy Brad Pitt appearance. Which I normally would have not thought much of but somehow … well, in the flesh my "Brad" was pretty damn hot.

“I’ll explain later. I’m one of the good guys, OK?” And then he started dropping his pants.

“Whoa!” I jerked out of his arms but he paid me no attention at all. Instead, he pulled his pants off (commando – why was I not surprised?) and ran over to me.

“Quick, just pretend that we’re fucking…” and he pushed me down onto the plus bench and wiggled my skirt up past my thighs and started rutting around like a mad dog.

Except that he was particularly well-hung "dog", and he, well, let’s just say danger became the man. He was big, hard and pushing against my fairly well-starved little pussy. I forgot for a moment what was going on, but then a gruff growl outside my door reminded me.

“OK, buddy, but when I say you owe me, I mean, you owe me BIG TIME.” I hissed and clutched him in my arms, snuggling up against him.

“No problem. Now, can we get on with the distraction? I need them to think we’re just a horny couple …” And he started rubbing himself against me.

I spread my legs and wrapped them around his thighs. My skinny little thong got pushed out of the way and I felt flesh against flesh just as someone grabbed the curtain. His cock was big, thick, hard and despite the noise outside, all I could focus on was him against my wetness. Pushing, just a little, spreading me, just a little, and then….

The stranger slid in and the bad guys burst in and all I could scream was, “Oh my God! Oh my God!”

“Sorry,” was the last I heard from the bad guys as they turned and left the dressing room.

My stranger was still on top of me and he was grinning. I wonder why?

“Care to finish what we started, Ma'am?”

“Aren’t you worried about someone interrupting us?”

“Someone already did.” And he lunged forward, filling me up and no one ever noticed the groans from the dressing room amid the post-Thanksgiving melee.

That's when I decided shopping on Black Friday wasn’t so bad after all.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


“But Doctor, I thought this was just a consultation?” I widened my eyes and stared innocently at Maverick. His expression remained cool, but an aroused heat burned in his eyes.

“Please don’t argue with me, Ms. Potter. Just strip and climb on the table so I can conduct a thorough examination. Trust me, I know what is best for my patients.” He turned, and grabbed a pair of gloves from the box and waited.

I pulled off the cotton dress I was wearing and stood in just my bra and thong. Maverick’s gaze studied me with seeming clinical disinterest.

“I’m not certain I approve of that underwear, Ms. Potter. Synthetic fabrics can be irritating to a woman’s soft tissues.” He nodded his head. “I’m definitely going to have to examine you thoroughly to make sure you have not suffered undue problems as a result of those. “

“But Doctor, I like the freedom of these very abbreviated underwear.”

“Ah, one of those women. You like to know your ass is free for the grabbing, eh? Pretty slutty of you.”

I just blushed. He looked stern.

“Then I’m going to have to order you to go without panties, in that case. “

“Yes, Doctor.” My meek manner satisfied him.

“Please remove the rest of your clothing and get up onto the table.”

I did as ordered under Maverick’s intense stare. I slid up onto the cool examination table, naked.

He looked me up and down, studying me dispassionately. He approached and reached out his gloved hands and squeezed my breasts. Repeatedly, with increasing strength, he squeezed them. Hard, then harder, until I began to squirm from the pressure he was exerting on my flesh.

“Sit still.”

I quivered beneath his touch as he gripped me hard. He squeezed, to the point of pain and beyond, watching me intently. I groaned but the pain turned into a deep, throbbing pleasure.

Then he moved to take my tight nipples between his fingers. Squeeze, release, then twist – ferociously hard. He pulled the nipples until I gasped. Then he stepped back.

“Lie down.”

I immediately did as he ordered, my breath coming faster, and my entire body now awake and yearning.

“Place your arms above your head.”

This was new, I thought, but I did as instructed. Immediately wrist cuffs were snapped around me, holding my hands taut over my head. I tugged, but there was no give, though the soft lining prevented the cuffs from chafing.

Maverick moved to the foot of the table and took hold of my legs, positioning them into the stirrups. The stirrups, too, had been “refined”. He fitted my thighs and tightened the straps that would hold my legs in them. Then he pulled the two ankle restraints up from the side of the table and hooked my ankles firmly. I was spread-eagled almost to the point of pain, but knew better than to complain.

“As I’ve indicated, I’ll need to complete a very thorough exam to make certain that your anatomy is in good working order. Given your unfortunate choice in undergarments, there are some additional tests I’ll be forced to run on you. I want to make sure you have not lost any degree of sensation.”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“Please remember that, Miss Potter. Disrespect annoys me greatly.”

“What are you going to do … Doctor?”

“Don’t concern yourself with that. Just answer any questions I place to you simply and immediately. I don’t want to have to re-do any part of this examination because you are imprecise.”

“Yes sir, Doctor.”

Strapped down as I was, I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I heard various drawers open, and I heard the clank of metal objects, and an ominous, familiar jangle, and my mouth watered at the sound.

“Hmm. I’ll need to manipulate your clitoris in order to perform this next step. Please relax.” His fingers groped between the throbbing lips of my pussy until he found the tingling nub of my clit. He squeezed it, rolled it between his gloved fingers, until it hummed and I could feel it swelling.

“Excellent response. I’ll make a note of that. But the more sensitive nerves need to be tested as well. “ He reached for something out of my line of sight, and an instant later I felt the agonizing fire of a clit clamp being put on.

I couldn’t hold back a short scream and I panted to hold in a second.

“Now, Ms. Potter, really. Are you trying to tell me you can’t withstand a little discomfort?” He actually made a “tsking” noise and pulled the chart up in front of my face. “I’ll make a notation that you’ll need weekly treatments to toughen you up. You certainly don’t want to be so sensitive that your lover can’t gain his own satisfaction before you. You have to remember that you need to be able to prolong any orgasm until you have been given permission for release. Obviously we’ll need to work on that.”

“Yes, Doctor.” The words were ground out between clenched teeth, as the sharp, flaring pain evolved into a mere hot agony.

“I’ll leave that there for a few minutes. Upon releasing it, I’ll need to gauge the return of sensitivity.” He maneuvered himself back between my legs and settled himself on his stool. “The next process is a rather lengthy one. I feel compelled to order you to restrain any response to my examination, or I’ll have to begin again.”

“Yesss, Doctor.”

I immediately felt the cool wetness of lube. He slid one slick finger into my tight hole, worked it in and out and then proceeded to add a second finger, and then a third. His hands are big and his fingers long and thick and I was already on the verge. But I knew better than to give in to a release before I was given permission.

“Hmm. Your cunt seems quite tight. Ms. Potter, you don’t mind my using that word, do you? Cunt?”

“No, Doctor, not at all.”

“In fact, I expect it turns you on, doesn’t it? Hearing me talk about your cunt while I’m fingering you?” He probed more forcefully until I agreed.

“Yes, it does. It turns me on.”

“I suspected as much. Do you know, Ms. Potter, I have a theory that I’ve been investigating. That women who enjoy various of the more, shall we say, extreme forms of sexual activity, are frequently aroused merely by hearing language such as that. Perhaps we’ll try an experiment some day soon, Ms. Potter. I’d like to see if I could elicit a response from you simply by talking “dirty” as they say.”

“I’m going to move on to the next step in this procedure. You’re going to feel significantly more sensation. Please restrain any response until I give you the word.”

His fingers slid free of my vagina, with a sucking sound. And were instantly replaced by the thick, blunt head of a toy. He pushed it in, slowly, stretching me wide. Deeper and deeper he inserted it until I felt like I was being split apart. But still further it went.

“I considered using one of the smaller tools, but I suspect, Ms. Potter, that a woman as slutty as yourself has no doubt made considerable use of your cunt, so for this test I need maximum penetration. The 8 inch tool seemed inappropriate, so this is my largest, ten-inch tool. The thickness, of course, is two inches. It should do the trick for my purposes.”

I made the mistake of groaning – just once – and Maverick gave a quick shove with the dildo. Punishment, of course for not maintaining my silence.

Finally the monstrous thing was fully inside me and I felt stuffed full to the point of bursting. The sensation, coupled with the pounding of the blood in my still strangled clit was enough to push me right to the brink. I gritted my teeth and hung on for dear life, clenching my fists and hoping he would not push me further.

Faint hope, it turned out as suddenly the vibrating buzz started deep inside me.

“Oh….” Instantly my body’s response leapt up a notch and I could feel the juices pouring out of me as he ramped the vibrator, higher and higher. The sensation within me was all-consuming. My nipples tightened, my pussy wept, my cunt clenched and my clit throbbed. I could feel myself edging closer and closer to a huge orgasm and fought it with everything I had.

“I’ll keep this going at this level for a few minutes, and then I’ll conclude this portion of the testing….be prepared, Ms. Potter, when I give you the word, that you may release.”

Minutes! The agony notched higher and higher, the beautiful sweeping electricity coursing through my body as my entire focus dwelt on my cunt. Seconds ticked by as I nearly fainted with my effort. Longer and longer … he drew out the unbearable sensation until I thought I’d scream with wanting.

“Just another second…..three, two, NOW” and he whipped off the clit clamp and the searing explosion of pleasure/pain ripped through me on the back of an earth shattering orgasm that rocketed through me.

Gutteral grunts, screams, moans poured out of me and I writhed in a tidal wave of mind-boggling sensation. Every titanic clench of my cunt on the thick vibrator, the blood rushing into my clit, causing ripping, blinding flashes of pain that turned into a heated beauty deep in my body, until finally, eons later, the thunderous pounding and throbbing began to ebb and I began to breathe again – deeply, taking in oxygen and sighing in the aftermath.

I felt the giant tool being slid from my pussy and a slight wave of residual orgasm marched through me again, until then, at last, just a feeling of emptiness as I lay, sated, limp, across the examining table. The restraints were released though I couldn’t have moved a muscle, and I lay for several minutes as Maverick made “notes” on his “chart”.

“Excellent response. I can see that you have quite adequate self-control, Ms. Potter. I believe we can test that further to see how much it would take to make you lose that self-control.”

“Yes, Doctor.” My lips were dry, quivering, but I knew my orders.

“All right. Now then, for phase two of the examination….”

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Talk To Me Like The Rain and Let Me Listen

Layla stretched out upon Egyptian cotton sheets and purred like a sated feline. Niccolo ran one long finger across the flesh between her legs and watched her arch. Truly a pussycat, this one, he thought.

Her secretive smile caused his groin to tighten and ache. She was a miracle of sensual beauty. A woman who would do all a man wanted; decadent, hedonistic things. With her hands. Her mouth. Just touching her breasts made him hard. Sinking into the sweet heat of her body was beyond ecstasy.

His fingers slid inside her moist flesh, flexing as she writhed. The smile never left her face and her eyes sparkled beneath half-closed lids.

"More!" Her murmur was an aphrodisiac. He pushed her onto her back, spread her legs and leaned down to taste. With lips and tongue he thoroughly explored her cunt. He repeatedly brought her to the edge of orgasm before her entreaties led him to take pity on her.

Thrusting his unbearably hard cock deep into her, he fucked her hard, watching her face as he did so. When she spasmed around him he redoubled his efforts. The sensation of her flesh clenching on his spurred him on.

"You are made for fucking, Layla. You feel incredible."

"More, Niccolo!"

"Your pussy is joy - I could stay in you forever. I dream of sleeping with my cock inside you, feeling you tight as a glove around me. "

"Oh, Niccolo - talk to me! Talk to me like the rain .... drown me in your words ... like the clouds have opened and I am soaked and wet and slick .... cover me with your voice!"

Her voluptuous voice and her breathless panting stroked him and he plundered her flesh maddened like a beast. Uncontrollable with desire. He wanted to consume her.

Then he broke like a thunderstorm, the lightening of pleasure smashing through his body until his cum flooded inside her, hot, liquid. He filled her with his life force and reveled in the joining of their bodies in the brutal, boisterous act.

Afterward, they lay entwined as the gauzy curtains wafted in the evening breeze off the water. Layla was limp beneath him, her heart beating a steady rhythm beneath his chest. Her spirit was strong. Her appetites voracious. Yet her skin was silken and her hands gentle.

"Sit up," she whispered against his lips. He rolled to his side and sat up on the edge of the bed as she slid off and down between his legs.

Her gaze on his semi-erect cock - he was never fully soft around Layla - was one of hunger and yearning.

She leaned over and ran her tongue up the length, suckled the broad head, her tongue tickling his slit. Sucking him deep once and then twice, she looked up at him and licked her lips where a smile played.

She paused in her suckling to smile up at him.

"Talk to me, to me like the rain and let me listen."

Friday, June 12, 2009

Shooting the Rocket

Alexa hugged her Magnum 357 to her chest. She was huddled inside the closet of her target hoping to evade detection until her back-up arrived. The guy was such a loser – if he’d been watching the house he’d have spotted the perp returning and could have warned her. Instead in bopped the low-rent Lothario with his latest lady. Now they were doing the mattress mambo with great vigor. She was getting a little nauseous listening to the couple’s love talk.

“Oh, Big Daddy, that’s right, give Momma your love rocket – right there, baby!”

“You like that, little Momma? Like your honey box stuffed with Daddy’s meat, huh?”

The banging of the headboard drowned out the next few lines, thankfully. If her partner didn’t get here soon she was going to shoot herself in the head so she didn’t have to listen to any more. God, she’d never be able to have sex again if this kept up.

“YES! Take me to heaven, ride your Daddy hard.”

The sound of smacking flesh and Alexa realized someone was getting a spanking. This was really starting to get to her.

She loved getting her ass swatted as much as the next gal, but something about this whole scenario smacked alright – of a bad Hollywood movie script.

Sounds resembling rutting pigs emanated from the room. She sat inside the smelly closet shaking her head in disbelief. Where the hell was Jack? The nimrod was probably giving himself a hand job in the car while she suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune in this stinky closet.

Thank God, finally, her cell phone vibrated against her hip. She checked the number and smiled grimly. Jack must finished spanking the monkey and decided to get back to work. He was coming in. Fortunately for Alexa, while the man was dumber than a box of rocks, he was a great cop. Big, fast and great with a gun.

Easing to a standing position ignoring her knees screaming in protest, she cracked the closet door. It wasn’t in a direct line of sight to the bed so she stuck her head out far enough to see the couple was still heavily engaged.

Stalking quietly, gun in position, she got an eyeful of Momma and Daddy fucking like bunnies.

The woman was a voluptuous sort and her target had a hold of her and was banging her up and down on a rod Alexa had to admit was pretty impressive. Hell, if only it had been attached to her last date she might have had a better time. This guy’s cock was a monster and she couldn’t help but admire the ride that gal was getting. Crappy dialogue notwithstanding.

Alexa stepped up to the bed. The woman’s eyes flew open, she squealed and jumped off her ride. Little Mike (and now Alexa knew where that nickname came from) opened his eyes and stared straight into the barrel of Alexa’s 357.

“Boy, talk about coitus interruptus,” she said with an evil smile.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hot & Sweet

"Touch me," he said. He sat in the chair, his once powerful legs now slender and still. He couldn't always get an erection, but sometimes, we managed a bit of a stiffy.

But he loved to watch me. I was naked and I kneeled between his legs, my gaze reverent and my lips curved as I thought of the joy of sucking his cock as he held my head, urging me on with dirty words and gutteral moans.

We'd only been together since his accident. I'd known him for a year before. He had been the mechanic at my garage, and my trusty little Nissan always needed something. He'd smile and undercharge me and pat my dog on the head. Then he'd turn back to his next job, all serious and intense, determined to do the best work possible.

I heard about his accident in the drugstore. A young, angry woman had turned and pushed past those of us on the line at the pharmacy counter and the pharmacist had shaken her head, her expression one of annoyance.

"She was certainly in a hurry," I muttered conversationally.

"She's a bitch, is what she is."

I must have looked askance, because the lady pharamcist colored, and shrugged.

"She's the girlfriend of that mechanic, the handsome young guy from Mackeys?"

I held up my hands, ignorant of what she was talking about.

"He was in a car accident a few months back. He's paralyzed. In a wheelchair. The other driver was drunk and some congressman's son so he got off, but the poor guy's never going to walk again."

"I guess his girlfriend's not taking it well?"

"I heard her in the beauty parlor the other day bitching that she's expected to take care of him and she doesn't even get sex anymore."

I gasped, because it was simply that harsh a thought. That all the woman would be thinking of is her own gratification after her lover had lost the use of his legs.

The very next day I was at the hospital visiting my aunt Clara who had had yet another mini-stroke, and when I was directed to the physical therapy department where she was getting treated, I literally tripped over the man in question.

He was crying. Tears were still wet on his cheeks and I wanted to wrap my arms around him right then and there.

Behind him, out of the elevator, came the snippy bitch. Her face was red, and her mouth set in the thin line that says she's angry and not in the mood for anything.

Oblivious to me, she leaned over and hissed at him.

"You're useless, Brett, and I'm not gonna be tied to some guy in a chair who can't even get it up."

The shocking cruelty of her statement stunned me, and Brett stopped, mortified, and writhing in impotent rage. He watched as she stalked away down the hall and then swiped a swarthy, rough hand across his cheek.

"Sorry," he muttered and turned to head down the hallway.

On impulse I stepped in front of him.

"I'm Mary. I'm visiting my aunt but she's in therapy at the moment. Would you like to have lunch?"

"Pity for a crip?"

"Oh, fuck you." I was smiling as I said it to make sure he knew I was kidding, but then I realized the import of my expression. I blushed.

"As you probably heard, that's not likely."

"Look, I'm not the one to get pity from, Brett...?"

"Brett Holmes. You're Mary Stewart. '98 Nissan Sentra."

"You remembered?"

"I never forget a car. Or a well-stacked woman."

His comment might have been crude, but given the situation I decided to overlook it. Besides, it had been a long time since anyone had noticed.

"So, about lunch?"

"Why eat with me?"

"Why not? Are you contagious? Do you chew with your mouth open?" I grinned, cocked a hip, and watched his gaze roam over my body. I'm the stacked, old-fashioned type of girl. I fill a bra and I'm proud of it.

"OK. If you pay. I haven't got pockets on these things." He picked at the sweats he was wearing and I nodded with a smile.

That was six months ago. Right about the time he stopped his initial rounds of physical therapy he went back to work at the garage. He can't get under cars anymore, but the owner of the shop was happy to have his keen eye and his amazing ability with engines back. He directs folks and his specially-constructed chair can sit him up higher when he needs it. I spotted him while I was on the way to work one day and I pulled in to say hi. In the end I asked him out and after he wiped the look of surprise off his face he said yes.

He picked me up in his specially fitted truck and we've been together ever since.

I kneeled at my lover's feet and noted that this was going to be one of our good days. His cock was swelling and I grinned up at him before I leaned over and pulled him into my mouth.

His sigh was all the reward I needed.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Inflagrante Delicto.

“Oh my God, there’s my Ex!” I gasped.

Now it is always an embarrassing moment when you run into that ex-lover, spouse, significant other – ex-whatever – but let me tell you, it is beyond embarrassing when you encounter them in a BDSM club and you are tied to a whipping horse, having your ass paddled enthusiastically by a hunky younger man.

Dimitri – said younger hunk and a wonderfully creative Dominant – turned to look. He smiled, and it was wicked and filled with evil glee.

“What say we give the old boy a good show then?” Dimitri, his name notwithstanding, is a Brit. He also liked to play seduce his best friend’s Mom, which we do quite frequently during “play time”.

I couldn’t get a really good glimpse of Larry because he had moved past the alcove at Pain & Suffering’s where D. and I were getting down to business.

Then D said loudly, “Prepare yourself Evangeline, for your Master’s wrath.” And he laid a few blistering strokes across my already-pinked ass cheeks. Then I heard Larry’s outraged cry.


And then D began the full treatment. He flogged me mercilessly (he loves that I am such a pain slut and he can really wear himself out) but stopped frequently to “examine” me. I could just see his grin over my shoulder as he slid his fingers in and out of my oh-so-wet cunt, tweaking at the nubbin of my clit as he did so. I knew from his expression that Larry was observing.

I started to not care, particularly, when D’s thumb slid into my ass and I might have been drooling.

The flogging began anew and I was heading toward subspace, completely unconcerned anymore with where Larry might be standing, what Larry was seeing or anything else.

After a few brutal lashes, D came up behind me and I heard the zipper on his leather pants and seconds later his amazing cock was sliding into me and everything else just stopped mattering.

D is an amazing lover. Besides his Olympian attributes, he knows exactly how to get me on the edge and keep me at a fever pitch until I’m moaning, begging for orgasm. And that is exactly how he worked me, talking dirty to me for Larry’s benefit .

“You want me to fuck you hard, don’t you? There, baby, do you like that? A big, hard cock reaming your tight little quim? Bet you never had it so good, have you?”

Moments later I came, screaming. I was tied down so I couldn’t writhe, but my whole body quivered with the amazing waves of sensation that coursed through me.

Dimitri lay on top of me, panting. There was a smattering of applause from onlookers (permitted only on this level of Pain & Suffering).

His body, hot, slick with sweat felt amazing draped across my back and he nuzzled my cheek before whispering in my ear.

“You certainly put on quite a show for Larry…”

“Who’s Larry?” I sighed.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just a little nookie...

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." Dorothy looked down at the ratty little dog and saw him scratching his balls.

Cute. If the little bugger wasn't good with rats and mice she'd have dumped the flea bag overboard.

"Hey, hot stuff, whatcha got under that ugly dress? A little something something?"

Dot looked down into the smirking face of a midget. Shit. When she'd opened the door onto some bizarre Technicolor explosion there hadn't been a living thing in sight. Just a pair of withered up feet sticking out from under the house. Apparently, however, there were natives. And they spoke English. But the clothes? Like something out of a Disney movie..

"Get your hand off me you little twerp." Dot swatted the pudgy fingers away from her thigh, but the fellow dressed all in yellow merely chuckled and gave her a once over. His gaze was so lacivious she frowned.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to stare?" And she gave him a shove, knocking him backwards onto a funky looking purple bush.

Striding down the yellow brick sidewalk, Dot glanced around. To her surprise there were a whole slew of little folks coming out from behind trees and under bushes. Most of them appeared to me similarly midget-sized and holy crap, they were all smirking like the first one. They had hard ons making their little short tent up and a few were even rubbing themselves and grunting.

Cripes. It wasn't bad enough that the horny farm hands at her Aunt and Uncle's farm were always groping her, now she had landed in some weird world where all the guys were not only hard up but height challenged too.

Two or three of them crept forward and their little hands reads out for her, plucking at her dress. Toto snarled and snapped at one, bless the little mutt.

"Bet that's some sweet pussy under there, huh?" One repugnant little troll commented. He was actually drooling and Dot gave him a kick. Unfortunately he was faster than his roly-poly little body looked.

Then, without warning, a huge, bright flash caught her off guard. It was so bright and the attendant bang so loud she fell backwards and ended up sitting on top of the first one as he took the opportunity to rub his little dick against her ass.

Heaven help her.

Dot struggled to her feet as a giant bubble burst, showering her in a sparkling cloud. Standing in the center of the explosion was a tall, statuesque woman with brilliant gold hair piled high. She was holding a magic wand but what was most amazing was the black bustier and thigh-high leather boots, separated only by a leather thong that exposed a wealth of flesh. And the tool in the other hand which was cracked with evil intent as the woman smiled at Dot.

"Well, hello there. I see you've met my little slaves? Boys, have you been misbehaving again?"

"Holy freaking crap," said Dot.

Monday, February 16, 2009

HERS - Who wants chocolate when there's KY?

“On your hands and knees.” His voice, deep, rumbling, almost scary, had me scrambling to do his bidding. Besides, I knew it was going to feel oh, so good.

I was naked except for the collar he always makes me wear – as his slave – when we are alone. I’d given him a most excellent blow job as his Valentine’s gift and now, I hoped, it was his turn to reciprocate.

When fingers, slick and cool with lube slid between the cheeks of my ass, I almost smiled in delight. He is so masterful when he fucks my ass. It makes me feel absolutely and utterly his like nothing else. Naughty, taboo. Bad slut who likes cock up her ass.

Then I felt the glide of the lube on a dildo being pushed into my pussy. Getting fucked by my Master while having a fake dick in my cunt was a rare treat. He knew it would send me over the edge faster than anything else.

Fingers slid into my ass, lubing, stretching, getting me ready to take his thick cock inside me where no other man had gone before. He’d been my first ass fuck. He’d been my first in so many ways. For a split second I thought I’d love to just have him hold me in his arms and tell me my Master loved me. But then those fingers plunged a little deeper and my mind refocused on the amazing feelings centered in my ass.

When he exchanged two fingers for the broad head of his cock I relaxed. I knew from frequent past experience that relaxation would be key to taking it all without pain. I love that pain that hurts so good, but nothing that keeps me hobbling for days, OK?

Tonight my Master M was feeling contrary. He said nothing. No dirty words of encouragement as he slowly impaled me. I was able to concentrate only on that sensation anyway, of being filled, inexorably, his hot flesh sliding deeper and deeper.

I groaned and whispered, “Please”, but he was doing his own thing. In another minute he was all the way in and then he started to fuck me. Slow and steady and building infitesimally in force until he was giving me a most amazing ass fucking. I was rocking forward with every thrust and the dildo in my cunt made everything so tight, so full, so awesome, that I was drooling and whimpering in just seconds as he really wailed on my ass.

Everything exploded. My orgasm hit me like a thunderbolt. Hot, fast, hard, everything just screamed in ecstasy. Every cell, every nerve lit up like fire and I quivered, shook and screamed some more. I could feel him pumping faster, his grunts telling me he was close. His jets of cum slammed into me, setting off orgasm number two until we were both coming hard and loud.

I felt Master’s beard tickle my ear.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, my precious little slave.”

HIS - A Valentine's Gift

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” I said as I fell to my knees. He loved me in the submissive position, ready to suck his cock, and I was going to give him the best BJ ever. I smiled up, then kissed the rounded mushroom head, licked the drop of pre-cum and went to work.

M’s cock is average length but thick and more than a mouthful unless you really work at it. So I did. My lips tingled as I stretched my mouth around and whirled my tongue to wet that silky velvet flesh. He groaned a little and I sucked and then dropped my jaw and tilted my head back and slid his organ into my throat. Back and forth, working toward that piston-Hoover action that got his nads in an uproar I worked his cock deeper and deeper until I was almost deep-throating – but its next to impossible. So I wrapped my hand around the thick base and squeezed and sucked simultaneously.

When his hands go into my hair I know he’s having fun. He was pumping now, hard and just a little bit rough – the way I love it. Sometimes he talks dirty to me, calling me his little slut and his cocksucker. Call me crazy if you want, but he makes me nuts, and gets my pussy slick and hot. But tonight I had him speechless.


Everything was started to ache just a little – cunt, good, jaw bad. The salty, musky scent of him was all around my face as I worshipped his awesome flesh. After a pause to lick up and down the shaft, rimming under the head and tickling his balls, I slid his cock back deep into my throat, and upped the suction. Swirling my tongue into the tiny hole at the tip of his cock made him jerk hard. I felt his balls tighten under my palm and his hands tightened in my hair, pulling it just a bit – the pain adding to my excitement at servicing him like this. Naked, on my knees, his hands holding my head in place as his thrusts took the place of mine. I was truly his submissive little slut and I loved it.

“Fuck,” he grunted and then he came. I’m under strict orders to swallow him cum. He dreams of that, he says. But after the first few swallows of his tremendous load he pulled out of my mouth and spewed across my lips, before jerking the last stream across my chin.

“Show me.”

I knew what he want. I opened my mouth and showed him my cum-coated tongue and then I swallowed the last mouthful, before wiping the extra off my lips and chin with my fingers and sucking them clean.

His eyes were heavy-lidded and that possessive gaze that I love so much stared down at me.

“That’s my good little cocksucker.” He unclenched his hands from my hair and gave me a pat on the head.

Another blow job well done.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hurts So Good!

“Remember my safe sign is the “live long & prosper” sign.” She said, wiggling out of her thong. How decadent to be standing naked in front of a totally hot guy in leather pants. She looked at the tools he’d laid out and squirmed with pleasure.

“Yes. Come here.” He motioned her over and when she was in front of him, he shoved the ball gag into her mouth, hooking it around her head. His look was stern and really intense. He picked up the nipple clamps with their connecting chain, ignored her wide-eyes and snapped them on. She groaned loudly around the gag and some drool escaped. The pain dulled to a sharp throb and she straightened.

“Bend over.” He pointed at the spanking horse.

She walked over and did as she was told. He affixed her wrists around one pair of legs.

“Spread your legs.” He cuffed her ankles around the second.

He moved in front of her and grinned evilly, showing her the weight he held in his hand, just before he hooked it onto the chain between the nipple clamps. She moaned loudly, squirmed as much as she could and felt the delicious agony spread like a laser to her cunt.

He walked around behind her and slid his hand between her legs. She was dripping and a finger shoved between her slick lips nearly made her come on the spot. He wiped his damp finger across the cheek of her ass and she waited breathlessly for the next torment.

She was already on the verge of coming. And the fun had barely begun. He looked at his little sub, creaming from just a bit of bondage and clamps. He’d known she was a natural the minute he saw her at the club, where every week she’d let another Dom pick her out and torment her. He had wanted the curvaceous body and the great ass all to himself. Now that he had her he was going to work her so good she’d beg to be his, and only his. No more club scenes. He wanted her all to himself. Well, most of the time anyway. His buddy Rex wielded a mean flogger himself, and she did so love double-penetration. And she was a glorious little exhibitionist. Perhaps alternating blow jobs before they stuffed her full of cock?

“I hope you’re ready, my pretty?” Her head bobbled slightly in response. He grinned. She was such a pain slut. He had been hard for a week anticipating this scene. Picking out the toys.

He swished the flogger, delighting in the sinister whistle. He watched as she tensed. Another swish, another tensing. A few middling strokes to warm her up before he went to town on that sweet butt.

One downward stroke. Instant red stripes blossomed on the delicate white flesh. Another stroke, infinitesimally more power behind it. She groaned again, louder.

“Now we’re going to have some real fun.” And he grinned as he swung his arm.