Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting To Know Master D.

The first command was on a hot pink post-it. It made her smile to think of Derrick’s enthusiasm when she suggested that they might want to indulge in their often discussed Master and slave fantasies. But when she saw the instructions, her smile faded. And contemplating her orders made her incredibly hot. And wet.

Derrick had apparently been investigating the matter because the details were crystal clear.

“Slave - Procure the following items: clothespins, lightweight chain (5 feet), ping pong paddle, Ben Gay, ball gag, AstroGlide and butt plug. I will be home at 7. Be bathed, shaved, and naked in the bedroom with all of these items. Or you’ll be punished.”

Signed, Master D.

Clare’s breathing sped up as she pondered the list. They’d tried spanking and she was surprised to find it immensely arousing. The thought of being seriously paddled sent her into the stratosphere of arousal. After their talk, she’d Googled BDSM play and saw things that made her heart go pit-a-pat, and her pussy throbbed right along in time. That she was going to experience it for real had her dripping.

It was four pm and she’d just walked in to find the note. She grabbed her purse and ran out, desperate to comply and be prepared and waiting.


Derrick checked his watch and grinned. Clare got home at four. By now she’d be in a state trying to buy everything he’d demanded, and get ready, while her mind would be racing in anticipation of just what he had in store for her.

He’d wanted to explore her obvious submissive tendencies for a long time, but Clare had, until recently, been a fairly vanilla lover, rebuffing his more subtle attempts to draw her into D/s. He loved her more than life and had restrained his dominant urges for the first six months. She was worth it. Since he'd had misgivings about how their relationship could continue given his own nature, he’d been pleasantly thrilled when she brought up the subject one evening, after what he considered a tame spanking that had turned her quite, quite on. She’d fucked him like a wild-woman afterwards, thoroughly submissive throughout. Then she'd shared fantasies that he knew he could fulfill. But it wasn't until he found she’d visited BDSM sites that he raised the subject. He’d hoped it was going to be a turning point for them. He would make certain that it was.


The key in the front door almost sent Clare into an orgasm. She’d been sitting on the bed, naked and dying of anticipation for half an hour. She’d bathed, washed her hair, shaved her pussy clean and could not get over the feeling of being so extra naked. The items Derrick had demanded were spread out on the top of the bureau. And as she heard the footsteps, slow, measured, heavy, as Derrick came toward the bedroom, she realized that she was hotter than she had ever been in her life.

The door opened. She gasped as Derrick entered, having obviously changed from his work clothes to a pair of tight black denim pants, a pair of heavy motorcycle boots and nothing else. His expression was dark, dangerous and extremely erotic. He did not smile, nor did he give her his usual greeting.

His greeting was very different this time.

“Get on your knees, slave and get ready to suck my cock.”