Thursday, May 14, 2009

Inflagrante Delicto.

“Oh my God, there’s my Ex!” I gasped.

Now it is always an embarrassing moment when you run into that ex-lover, spouse, significant other – ex-whatever – but let me tell you, it is beyond embarrassing when you encounter them in a BDSM club and you are tied to a whipping horse, having your ass paddled enthusiastically by a hunky younger man.

Dimitri – said younger hunk and a wonderfully creative Dominant – turned to look. He smiled, and it was wicked and filled with evil glee.

“What say we give the old boy a good show then?” Dimitri, his name notwithstanding, is a Brit. He also liked to play seduce his best friend’s Mom, which we do quite frequently during “play time”.

I couldn’t get a really good glimpse of Larry because he had moved past the alcove at Pain & Suffering’s where D. and I were getting down to business.

Then D said loudly, “Prepare yourself Evangeline, for your Master’s wrath.” And he laid a few blistering strokes across my already-pinked ass cheeks. Then I heard Larry’s outraged cry.


And then D began the full treatment. He flogged me mercilessly (he loves that I am such a pain slut and he can really wear himself out) but stopped frequently to “examine” me. I could just see his grin over my shoulder as he slid his fingers in and out of my oh-so-wet cunt, tweaking at the nubbin of my clit as he did so. I knew from his expression that Larry was observing.

I started to not care, particularly, when D’s thumb slid into my ass and I might have been drooling.

The flogging began anew and I was heading toward subspace, completely unconcerned anymore with where Larry might be standing, what Larry was seeing or anything else.

After a few brutal lashes, D came up behind me and I heard the zipper on his leather pants and seconds later his amazing cock was sliding into me and everything else just stopped mattering.

D is an amazing lover. Besides his Olympian attributes, he knows exactly how to get me on the edge and keep me at a fever pitch until I’m moaning, begging for orgasm. And that is exactly how he worked me, talking dirty to me for Larry’s benefit .

“You want me to fuck you hard, don’t you? There, baby, do you like that? A big, hard cock reaming your tight little quim? Bet you never had it so good, have you?”

Moments later I came, screaming. I was tied down so I couldn’t writhe, but my whole body quivered with the amazing waves of sensation that coursed through me.

Dimitri lay on top of me, panting. There was a smattering of applause from onlookers (permitted only on this level of Pain & Suffering).

His body, hot, slick with sweat felt amazing draped across my back and he nuzzled my cheek before whispering in my ear.

“You certainly put on quite a show for Larry…”

“Who’s Larry?” I sighed.