Monday, February 16, 2009

HERS - Who wants chocolate when there's KY?

“On your hands and knees.” His voice, deep, rumbling, almost scary, had me scrambling to do his bidding. Besides, I knew it was going to feel oh, so good.

I was naked except for the collar he always makes me wear – as his slave – when we are alone. I’d given him a most excellent blow job as his Valentine’s gift and now, I hoped, it was his turn to reciprocate.

When fingers, slick and cool with lube slid between the cheeks of my ass, I almost smiled in delight. He is so masterful when he fucks my ass. It makes me feel absolutely and utterly his like nothing else. Naughty, taboo. Bad slut who likes cock up her ass.

Then I felt the glide of the lube on a dildo being pushed into my pussy. Getting fucked by my Master while having a fake dick in my cunt was a rare treat. He knew it would send me over the edge faster than anything else.

Fingers slid into my ass, lubing, stretching, getting me ready to take his thick cock inside me where no other man had gone before. He’d been my first ass fuck. He’d been my first in so many ways. For a split second I thought I’d love to just have him hold me in his arms and tell me my Master loved me. But then those fingers plunged a little deeper and my mind refocused on the amazing feelings centered in my ass.

When he exchanged two fingers for the broad head of his cock I relaxed. I knew from frequent past experience that relaxation would be key to taking it all without pain. I love that pain that hurts so good, but nothing that keeps me hobbling for days, OK?

Tonight my Master M was feeling contrary. He said nothing. No dirty words of encouragement as he slowly impaled me. I was able to concentrate only on that sensation anyway, of being filled, inexorably, his hot flesh sliding deeper and deeper.

I groaned and whispered, “Please”, but he was doing his own thing. In another minute he was all the way in and then he started to fuck me. Slow and steady and building infitesimally in force until he was giving me a most amazing ass fucking. I was rocking forward with every thrust and the dildo in my cunt made everything so tight, so full, so awesome, that I was drooling and whimpering in just seconds as he really wailed on my ass.

Everything exploded. My orgasm hit me like a thunderbolt. Hot, fast, hard, everything just screamed in ecstasy. Every cell, every nerve lit up like fire and I quivered, shook and screamed some more. I could feel him pumping faster, his grunts telling me he was close. His jets of cum slammed into me, setting off orgasm number two until we were both coming hard and loud.

I felt Master’s beard tickle my ear.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, my precious little slave.”

HIS - A Valentine's Gift

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” I said as I fell to my knees. He loved me in the submissive position, ready to suck his cock, and I was going to give him the best BJ ever. I smiled up, then kissed the rounded mushroom head, licked the drop of pre-cum and went to work.

M’s cock is average length but thick and more than a mouthful unless you really work at it. So I did. My lips tingled as I stretched my mouth around and whirled my tongue to wet that silky velvet flesh. He groaned a little and I sucked and then dropped my jaw and tilted my head back and slid his organ into my throat. Back and forth, working toward that piston-Hoover action that got his nads in an uproar I worked his cock deeper and deeper until I was almost deep-throating – but its next to impossible. So I wrapped my hand around the thick base and squeezed and sucked simultaneously.

When his hands go into my hair I know he’s having fun. He was pumping now, hard and just a little bit rough – the way I love it. Sometimes he talks dirty to me, calling me his little slut and his cocksucker. Call me crazy if you want, but he makes me nuts, and gets my pussy slick and hot. But tonight I had him speechless.


Everything was started to ache just a little – cunt, good, jaw bad. The salty, musky scent of him was all around my face as I worshipped his awesome flesh. After a pause to lick up and down the shaft, rimming under the head and tickling his balls, I slid his cock back deep into my throat, and upped the suction. Swirling my tongue into the tiny hole at the tip of his cock made him jerk hard. I felt his balls tighten under my palm and his hands tightened in my hair, pulling it just a bit – the pain adding to my excitement at servicing him like this. Naked, on my knees, his hands holding my head in place as his thrusts took the place of mine. I was truly his submissive little slut and I loved it.

“Fuck,” he grunted and then he came. I’m under strict orders to swallow him cum. He dreams of that, he says. But after the first few swallows of his tremendous load he pulled out of my mouth and spewed across my lips, before jerking the last stream across my chin.

“Show me.”

I knew what he want. I opened my mouth and showed him my cum-coated tongue and then I swallowed the last mouthful, before wiping the extra off my lips and chin with my fingers and sucking them clean.

His eyes were heavy-lidded and that possessive gaze that I love so much stared down at me.

“That’s my good little cocksucker.” He unclenched his hands from my hair and gave me a pat on the head.

Another blow job well done.