Friday, June 20, 2014

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I will admit it wasn't just Lloyd I was thinking of when I shopped for his birthday present. He is hard to shop for, true, but I was using the opportunity to commit to something I knew he'd been craving since our first date. He'd been accepting of my reluctance but now I was ready.

It would be a two part present.

Lloyd had a long tough day, so I planned his evening carefully.

I bathed and took care of a few other necessities before dressing in an outfit guaranteed to make my message perfectly clear.

He swept into the house in a dark mood. Clearly the day had been a tough one.

He eyed my outfit, and his brow wrinkled as though he was trying to figure out what I was up to. But I handed him an icy gin and tonic, kissed him nice and long, and told him his birthday dinner would be ready soon, and we could open his gifts afterwards.

But I was twitching all the way through the meal thinking of what was to come.

He relaxed a bit, which made me happy, that my efforts were bearing fruit. We had an entire weekend ahead of us to play, so I wanted to kick it off with a bang.

If you get my meaning.

After a slice of tiramisu, his favorite dessert, we opened all of the other gifts I'd got him. The usual. Clothes, some electronic gadgets, some DVDs, and then it was time for the last gift.

It had been hard to wrap because of the shape, so in the end I put it into another box and wrapped it in red tissue paper. I figured the color choice would be clear when he got to the goods.

He had the box laying on his lap when he dug through the paper. Then he pulled out the present.

He looked up at me with an expression I almost couldn't describe.

Happy. But there was a look of dark satisfaction in his eyes that made me wet.

Then he pushed the box off on the floor and gave one experimental smack across his thigh.

"Nice toy. Has a good heft to it."

"The salesman said it was guaranteed to make an impression."

He pursed his lips and looked at me speculatively. Gave my ensemble a long look and raised a brow.

“This present has a second . . . part.” I said in a low whisper.

“Does it now?” He swished it through the air and the sound make my skin tingle.

I had expected to be nervous about the next step, but suddenly I felt . . . hungry.

“Come here.” He crooked his finger and I stood, slowly, walking around the table where his gifts were strewn. He shoved it out of the way so I was standing in front of him in my rather, ahem, provocative ensemble.

He took one hand and lifted up the front of my skirt.

Now both brows rose to his hairline.

See, I’d shaved my pussy totally bare. The first time I’d ever done the whole patch. He’d mentioned it once and I decided it would be like the cherry on top of his birthday tiramisu.

Or something like that.

“No panties? Naked little pussy?” He gave it a smack and I jumped and squeaked. “Seems rather . . . slutty . . . of you.”

“Well, after I was in that store with all the, uh, toys, I got feeling kind of naughty.”

“That kind of admission can get you in trouble. You know that, don’t you?”

Here came the big step. Could I do this?

For him?

“I’m sorry . . . Daddy.”

He gasped. His eyes blazed.

“Then you understand that there will have to be punishment meted out. Little girls who act like sluts must be punished.”

“I understand Daddy.”

“Lay down over my lap.”

I was quaking as I did what he wanted. When I’d said the word “Daddy”, saw his face, saw that magnificent cock of his swell up, suddenly it was all good. No more nerves. No more hesitation. I was making him hot. That’s all I ever wanted for him.

So I lay down over his broad, strong thighs and gave a little sigh.

“I believe it’s best if I make the strongest impression possible. Nip this kind of thing in the bud. Unfortunately, it is going to be a hard lesson to learn.”

His hand pushed my skirt up and over my back.

He ran his hand across my ass.

I was dripping.

Then he swung my gift through the air and it hit my ass with a ferocious smack and I screamed and bucked, and he had to hold me down.

“I think twenty-five strokes should drive my point home.”

The big leather paddle hit my ass again and I shrieked.

“Count for Daddy.”


And when he was finished with the paddle he showed me just how pleased he was with my performance, and my gift, and I was pretty darned ecstatic myself.

Even if I couldn’t sit down.

My gift had been a hit. And as he whispered all the naughty things he had planned for me, I had visions of years’ worth of gifts dancing in my head.

Luckily, our anniversary was just a month away.

I had a feeling I’d be visiting that naughty store again, for another perfect gift – the kind of gift that keeps on giving.