Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lise Horton's WORDS OF LUST .... Take 1 - A Wicked Excerpt to Whet Your Appetite!

On Wednesday night, Serafina lay relaxing in the warm, scented bath, her eyes closed. Her double class load was wearying, and Nick kept her off balance. She needed the soothing interlude to hopefully calm her whirling thoughts and allow her to get a good night’s sleep, before another manic day on Thursday. She and Nick hadn’t seen one another since Sunday of that week. They had several more dates after the run-in with Elizabeth Parker, and she’d been relieved that there seemed to be nothing about the woman’s snide remarks that bothered Nick. It was now only the third week of their acquaintance, and Serafina was utterly and completely addicted to Nick Stellato. His touch was intoxicating. Thoughts of him filled her head constantly, distracting her at the most inopportune times. Going for three days without his touch felt like a withdrawal.

Relaxing after a long, hectic day, however, she luxuriated in the tub and allowed her thoughts to stray to Nick. She kept replaying in her mind the scene between them in his truck on the occasion of their first date. She recalled the breathless intensity of that evening, and she could not resist temptation.

Her hand drifted through the water, reaching between her legs thinking back to that erotic night. She remembered his mouth over hers, nibbling, licking, kissing, exploring even as his hand slid inside her panties and touched her. The throbbing she’d felt inside was deliciously unbearable. That night she’d been desperate to have him inside her but he’d just subjected her to a glorious torment that lifted her up, all while making her crave so much more. He’d slid his fingers through her wetness, then slowly, inserted one fingertip inside her, then another as he’d moved with infinite gentleness. When his calloused thumb suddenly touched her clit, she’d writhed beneath his hands as his kisses grew more insistent until she’d moaned. She’d reveled, too, when he uttered a guttural groan that made him sound like a predator, a man enjoying his mastery of her body, pleased and possessive.

Then his fingers had plunged completely inside her, thick, and stretching her hungry flesh She’d panted and trembled. His movements had grown faster and more forceful and the sense of being invaded had pushed Serafina closer and closer to the sweet abyss. He’d stroked her, urging her on with his words, his movements, the feel of his kisses and his hand on her breast. The idea that she’d lain there, spread for him, with his hand stroking the most intimate part of her though they were fully clothed and out in a public place had lit the sizzling fuse. When the wave of heated orgasm flooded over her, she’d been swept along in the amazing sweetness of clenching muscles.

Now the memory of his touches, of the decadence of the act overwhelmed her and her fingers plunged inside her cunt as a wave of orgasm spread from the core of her throughout her body and she lay shivering, as she had lain and shivered in his arms in the aftermath that night.

WORDS OF LUST by Lise Horton. Release date September 9, 2013. E-book available from Carina Press and at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo and Apple.

Words of Lust is Lise's erotic romance debut novel set in NYC. Serafina Luca & Nick Stellato come from different worlds. But lust – and love – conquer all. Release date is September 9, 2013 from Carina Press. For more titillating excerpts, visit her blog or for additional updates, stop by her website . Lise has releases in two Ravenous Romance anthologies and under her erotica pseudonym, Lydia Hill, her short story “My Master’s Mark”, will be included in the 2014 Cleis Press anthology, “Slave Girls” edited by D. L. King.