Friday, June 27, 2008

Save Me ....

Melanie watched the men as they crowded around her. Three of them. Tall, muscular, and eager. Their eyes sparkled and their smiles were feral.

"Wait, please!" She backed away and threw up her hands in a defensive possture.

"What, afraid?" The tallest and darkest of the three smirked. But then the smile faded and his eyes burned with intent. She was lost. She was alone and without help and these men were going to rape her, or worse .... kill her.

She couldn't stop the sob that spilled from her lips and she struggled backwards, deeper into the corner and the shadows, until she was completely and effectively trapped.

"She looks terrified, poor thing. Perhaps we should show her she has nothing to fear?" The second of the men gave her an innocent look, before throwing back his head and laughing uproariously.

"No, no, she looks like she needs a great deal of attention...." the third smiled with a cold intent and it was all Melanie could do to keep to her feet.

"There'll be no damage done." The TDH one said. But his eyes belied his words. A breath on the air, a pause, "Not tonight, anyway."

Then the three men grinned at her and descended upon her and in moments, Melanie had fainted dead away.

"Well, that was disappointing, I have to say."

Magnus scowled down at the unconscious woman across his bed.

Ian laughed. "You terrified her you fool."

Roarke grimaced at his two younger brothers. "She's human. What do you expect? And you scared the shit out of her and she spent the night in a room full of ferals, and good Goddes, what do you think she was going to do? Spread her legs and say, "ride me home, boys"?

He snorted and his brothers looked chagrined and he felt horrid.

Until he looked down at the blond, exquisite beauty of their captive bride.

And then he sighed, because he realized she had no idea that was her fate.

She was the Bride of the Brothers Grimm. Magnus, Ian and Roarke. Notorious among women for their lusty ways and among the feral crowd for their powers of death and control.

It was going to be a long night, thought Roarke. He sighed.

"Wake her up," he announced to his younger brothers. "She might as well get used to entertaining three cocks, eh boys?"

Sunday, June 15, 2008

For My Master's Pleasure

It all began with the words, "I agree".

What was I agreeing to, you ask? Well, let me tell you. I handed myself over to a most wonderful, dominant man, who had offered to take me under his wing as a submissive slave. He had excellent instincts and when he corresponded and talked with me he immediately divined my sluttish little need to submit and, voila! Here I am, a ready, willing, and able slave to my Master.

Now, you may wonder what this means? Does it mean I fetch his slippers and cook his meals?

Not so much.

Allow me to elaborate on just the sort of things I do for my Master.

He is a physically imposing man and I wallow in the sense that I am smaller and weaker and utterly under his control. I must follow his commands immediately if I do not wish to displease him. And I don't. Besides, providing him pleasure is what gives me the most incredible pleasure of my own.

Perhaps a sample scenario would clarify for you? Glad I thought of it.

My Master is quite voracious in his appetite for my cocksucking. So this is always something that I will be required to do and, quite honestly, enjoy immensely.

I wear a collar when we are together, which reminds us both of his mastery of me. Generally we will start with a nice hearty paddling to get me into the appropriate, servile frame of mind. Nothing like a tingling red ass to keep a girl's mind on her Master's needs!

Once my Master is ready for my attentions, I assume the position. On my knees, of course, as any good cocksucker will tell you, works marvelously.

"You may begin." or "Now, slut." will be my command to take his wonderful cock in my mouth.

Now if you are thinking, "eeew, I don't want to put that thing in my mouth!", then girlfriend, you don't know what you are missing. Big, hard, silky soft skin, tasty and powerful, his cock in my mouth is a delight for me. I love to wiggle my tongue around and explore all those sensitive areas that make my Master groan. I know I am doing a good job of it when he grabs hold of my hair and begins to get forceful and dominating.

And don't I just love it!

It is a wonderfully submissive experience to have a man fucking your mouth. Not so much for you to enjoy but rather for him to enjoy. In the right position, with the right amount of practice and a good dose of relaxation, a cock can go a long way down.....

And if the pleasure of being allowed to suck and lick his cock isn't enough? When he is ready to erupt, my Master insists that I accept all of his delicious semen. Rather like a wonderful reward for my diligent efforts. Swallowing is fun, but my Master, oh he loves to see his little slave's tongue and lips covered with cum. I eagerly savor it and oops, look, I got some on my fingers.

Well, I can't let it go to waste now, can I?


Well, time to go. I've got a nice hard butt fucking coming.

A good slave's work is never done.