Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Best of the Best

Cissy and Brittany couldn't believe their good luck. The fan bus had been totally overloaded and the driver looked at the two cheerleaders and shook his head.

"You're gonna have to ride on the team bus. I'm over capacity and that's breaking the law."

"Aw, please, Mr. Consterhagen! We don't want to ride with all those boys!" Cissy effected a pout and Brittany did her best to hide her chortling.

"Girls, I'm sorry, but I'll radio the coach to wait for you."

Then the door closed and the two stood in a tizzy of anticipation.

"Can you BELIEVE it!" Cissy twirled around, feeling the chilly fall air swishing across the bare cheeks of her ass. She'd broken the cheerleading coach's rule and refused to wear the stupid old white panties that looked like something her grandmother would wear. Since she had come down with a cold she wouldn't be there to pull her out of the lineup and Cissy was all prepared with the lie that she just "forgot" the old fruit of the looms and had to make do with her thong! Yeah, right!

They hurried to the team bus and jumped on board to the cheers of the team. Nothing like the anticipation of a little coochy before hitting the field to get them all revved up.

The coach scowled, the girls preened and the boys cheered.

They scurried to the back and the coach got on his cell phone and that's when the girls went to town.

Or, rather, went down. Onto their knees. Several guys did their blocking thing, and the coach never heard the slurping, the sucking and the grunting as the dear little cheerleaders took several for the team.

He never saw Cissy with a cock down her throat, or Brittany licking cum off her chin.

And He never knew why his team whipped the other team's ass.

Because Cissy and Brittany had promised a tag team delight for the starting line if they won by 14.

Now THAT's school spirit!