Monday, April 28, 2008

Live & Learn

I took the most incredible on-line workshop last week. A delectable gentleman who spoke honestly and at length about the fine art of BDSM. He, and several compatriots, drew back the curtain on the psychological and the physical of the masochistic, sadistic, dominantion and submission, kink and fetish world of the wildly sexually adventureous.

Toys and playtime? Scene and safety?

All I can say is, where can I get some?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

What Were They Thinking?

OK. So I am going all reality on you here.

I mean, really, truth is SO stranger than fiction.

There's Bill Clinton. And "Monica". Before him there was even the sillier Gary Hart (a girl on his LAP??? get real!) And Jimmy Carter ("lusting in my heart"). But Bill seems almost quaint and tame once we get to Craig "Twitchy foot" and the Intern email lust monster (I can't even remember his name and why would I waste the time?) and the list is endless of religious zealots and their little love monkeys).

Then Came Spitzer. Sounds like a TV movie? Or a blockbuster, even. But the skeezy dude and his pay-as-you-go dates pretty much sums up the US problem. Attention deficit disorder.

That's why marriage is on the way out. Guys can't focus for longer than it takes to shoot their wad!

The Madam mentioned all the kinky things the Gov had been up to (and if keeping his socks on is the height of kink, Madam, I've got some stories for you ....)

But just when I thought it was safe to get back into the "swinger" of things, up pops the new governor (play on words intended).

David, David, David. What were you thinking, Dude? Sure. I can see that blind guys the world over are cheering - you get high, you get laid and you get the GOVERNOR'S OFFICE! Way to go!

But honestly. In the real world, who do you know that gets this much nooky?

Are these guys really getting blown, and laid? Do they have these gnarly babes all over them or is the NY Post blowing things all out of proportion (couldn't resist, sorry).

And what are your neighbors up to?