Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just a little nookie...

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." Dorothy looked down at the ratty little dog and saw him scratching his balls.

Cute. If the little bugger wasn't good with rats and mice she'd have dumped the flea bag overboard.

"Hey, hot stuff, whatcha got under that ugly dress? A little something something?"

Dot looked down into the smirking face of a midget. Shit. When she'd opened the door onto some bizarre Technicolor explosion there hadn't been a living thing in sight. Just a pair of withered up feet sticking out from under the house. Apparently, however, there were natives. And they spoke English. But the clothes? Like something out of a Disney movie..

"Get your hand off me you little twerp." Dot swatted the pudgy fingers away from her thigh, but the fellow dressed all in yellow merely chuckled and gave her a once over. His gaze was so lacivious she frowned.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to stare?" And she gave him a shove, knocking him backwards onto a funky looking purple bush.

Striding down the yellow brick sidewalk, Dot glanced around. To her surprise there were a whole slew of little folks coming out from behind trees and under bushes. Most of them appeared to me similarly midget-sized and holy crap, they were all smirking like the first one. They had hard ons making their little short tent up and a few were even rubbing themselves and grunting.

Cripes. It wasn't bad enough that the horny farm hands at her Aunt and Uncle's farm were always groping her, now she had landed in some weird world where all the guys were not only hard up but height challenged too.

Two or three of them crept forward and their little hands reads out for her, plucking at her dress. Toto snarled and snapped at one, bless the little mutt.

"Bet that's some sweet pussy under there, huh?" One repugnant little troll commented. He was actually drooling and Dot gave him a kick. Unfortunately he was faster than his roly-poly little body looked.

Then, without warning, a huge, bright flash caught her off guard. It was so bright and the attendant bang so loud she fell backwards and ended up sitting on top of the first one as he took the opportunity to rub his little dick against her ass.

Heaven help her.

Dot struggled to her feet as a giant bubble burst, showering her in a sparkling cloud. Standing in the center of the explosion was a tall, statuesque woman with brilliant gold hair piled high. She was holding a magic wand but what was most amazing was the black bustier and thigh-high leather boots, separated only by a leather thong that exposed a wealth of flesh. And the tool in the other hand which was cracked with evil intent as the woman smiled at Dot.

"Well, hello there. I see you've met my little slaves? Boys, have you been misbehaving again?"

"Holy freaking crap," said Dot.