Monday, January 12, 2009

Hurts So Good!

“Remember my safe sign is the “live long & prosper” sign.” She said, wiggling out of her thong. How decadent to be standing naked in front of a totally hot guy in leather pants. She looked at the tools he’d laid out and squirmed with pleasure.

“Yes. Come here.” He motioned her over and when she was in front of him, he shoved the ball gag into her mouth, hooking it around her head. His look was stern and really intense. He picked up the nipple clamps with their connecting chain, ignored her wide-eyes and snapped them on. She groaned loudly around the gag and some drool escaped. The pain dulled to a sharp throb and she straightened.

“Bend over.” He pointed at the spanking horse.

She walked over and did as she was told. He affixed her wrists around one pair of legs.

“Spread your legs.” He cuffed her ankles around the second.

He moved in front of her and grinned evilly, showing her the weight he held in his hand, just before he hooked it onto the chain between the nipple clamps. She moaned loudly, squirmed as much as she could and felt the delicious agony spread like a laser to her cunt.

He walked around behind her and slid his hand between her legs. She was dripping and a finger shoved between her slick lips nearly made her come on the spot. He wiped his damp finger across the cheek of her ass and she waited breathlessly for the next torment.

She was already on the verge of coming. And the fun had barely begun. He looked at his little sub, creaming from just a bit of bondage and clamps. He’d known she was a natural the minute he saw her at the club, where every week she’d let another Dom pick her out and torment her. He had wanted the curvaceous body and the great ass all to himself. Now that he had her he was going to work her so good she’d beg to be his, and only his. No more club scenes. He wanted her all to himself. Well, most of the time anyway. His buddy Rex wielded a mean flogger himself, and she did so love double-penetration. And she was a glorious little exhibitionist. Perhaps alternating blow jobs before they stuffed her full of cock?

“I hope you’re ready, my pretty?” Her head bobbled slightly in response. He grinned. She was such a pain slut. He had been hard for a week anticipating this scene. Picking out the toys.

He swished the flogger, delighting in the sinister whistle. He watched as she tensed. Another swish, another tensing. A few middling strokes to warm her up before he went to town on that sweet butt.

One downward stroke. Instant red stripes blossomed on the delicate white flesh. Another stroke, infinitesimally more power behind it. She groaned again, louder.

“Now we’re going to have some real fun.” And he grinned as he swung his arm.