Thursday, May 24, 2012

Men Out of Uniform

I’d always loved Fleet Week in NYC, but this year I got a whole new reason to look forward to it from now on. My little funky burger joint and bar always gets a lot of sailors. We’re right in the heart of Times Square, where the action is, so to speak. Unfortunately we were short-handed, so I was doubling as waitress and bartender, and it was a madhouse. By the time we gave last call I was ready to get off my feet and have a nice cold drink of my own. “You look bushed.” The sailor I’d been serving, along with his buddy, grinned. And it was a helluva grin. They were both incredibly sexy and they were wearing officers’ beige. Both were tanned, swarthy and definitely drool worthy. “Long night.” I passed them their last couple of brews and rolled my eyes. I’d been chatting with them all night, giving them some tips on good places to visit. They’d been to the City quite a few times, but I knew of some new attractions, like the Hi-Line. “Anyplace else still open around here? We’re not ready to head back to our hotel yet.” “Nope. We’re the last bar standing, guys. But your hotel probably has a bar if you want a last nightcap.” I dropped my towel and bent down to pick it up and when I stood, they were both grinning again, and looking at my ass. “Subtle, guys.” I returned to the bar, cashed out the few tabs and then started shutting down. But the sailors were milking the last few minutes and I’m a patriot, so I didn’t kick them out. When they saw me start turning off the lights, though, they got up and tucked away their change, before handing over a nice tip to me. “Thanks. You made our night.” “Happy to be of service, gentlemen. We New Yawkers aim to please.” For a second there was a pregnant pause and I realized my words might have sounded flirtatious. Not that I hadn’t wanted to flirt. Two gorgeous studs like these guys were rare in my place. “Maybe you’d be willing to extend a bit more local courtesy?” The black-haired guy had a twinkle in his eye when he said it, and if I hadn’t figured it out, he took a couple of steps closer and took my hand in his. “Exactly. Help show two poor sailors a bit more … hospitality?” The sun-kissed brunette moved in a bit closer too. My mouth dried right up. I had a very good idea what these guys were suggesting, and I will admit that while I’m no shrinking violet by any means, the image they gave me of being the filling in a sailor sandwich was, well, incredibly damned hot. Parts of me started tingling, big time. “I, uh – “ “How about a drink at our hotel and we’ll talk?” That let me say yes without saying yes, exactly, if you know what I mean but an hour later, after two tall, icy G&T, I was certainly entertaining some distinctly kinky ideas. When the hotel barman said goodnight, the two of them, each holding a hand, started easing me toward the elevators. “C’mon,” they said in unison. Then my dark-haired sailor Rick, leaned over and whispered. “You showed us such a great time, we want to return the favor.” “We give good …” added Don. “What?” I said “Everything.” What girl could resist? Their room was small, but nice, but that’s the only thing I saw before they had me stripped, and wide-eyed at their equipment. Maybe it was the fresh, salt air, and lots of exercise, but they were both nicely muscled, and hard, hard, hard. In all the right places. They were take charge guys, and I never had a chance. When they suggested I’d be one happy camper with a big cock in my pussy, and a thick hard one up my ass? I practically raised my hand like the good Catholic schoolgirl I’d been and said ‘Yes, Please!’. They had some fun little kinks that I indulged with zeal, I learned I was a lot more flexible than I thought, and trust me when I say I’ll never look at a bottle of seltzer the same way again. There were some hot games of tie me up, tie me down, and summer fun with suntan oil. The guys made everything seem like fun, and it was even when my ass got paddled so hard I knew I’d have no trouble staying on my feet for my next shift. The naughty schoolgirl who got paddled also had to bend over and submit to a Vaseline coated butt plug before being ordered to her knees to suck off her two teachers as punishment. Trust me when I say I’d have gotten better grades at City college if my professors had been half so attentive. All in all, I felt a lot like a horny, female Oliver Twist cuz all night long, no matter how long and hard they gave it to me, I kept begging for more. And like the Officers and Gentlemen they were, they gave it to me.

Ghostly Lover

Caroline moaned. His hands were touching her hot, moist flesh. His gaze never left her face. His body rose above hers, moving, yet tense with his passion. He filled her body, his love filled her soul. She reached out for him, but felt nothing. No warmth, no heated skin. She longed to taste him, but he turned his face away, refusing her his lips. Around her the world was a vacuous, shadowy darkness. But there, in her bed, his presence overwhelmed her. She could feel the heat. The delectable swelling between her thighs as his cock impaled her with brutal, inexorable strokes. Again, and again, her desire rose and rose, until finally, it crested, and swept her away with orgasmic possession. “My love! My life!” The whisper touched her ears as she writhed in desperate delight. Between her legs, the testimony of the body’s joy flowed freely, coating her thighs and anointing the sheets. From one second to the next, as the rays of dawn touched the window, Caroline was suddenly, once again, alone. The weight upon her vanished. Cool air breathed once again across her now damp flesh. She lay twisted in the sheets and blankets as her blood throbbed. Then she awoke. Caroline opened her eyes and looked around the solitary space. Yet she could feel the presence. Feel HIM. The power of his thighs, the steely heat of his cock, and the grip of his hands. She looked down at her arms. Were those the faint marks of fingers on her flesh? Between her legs, her pussy felt used, deliciously tender. A breeze played across her face. His musky scent filled her nostrils. His whisper filled her ears. “Until tonight, my love . . .”