Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not Your Kids' Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young woman held hostage by her sadistic Stepmother and three stepsisters. Her father, a good man, traveled extensively within the Kingdom, was blinded by the manipulative quartet and had failed to see the torment to which his own daughter was subjected.

Cyn D’Arella awoke the morning of the ball to typical abuse.

“Get up you lazy bitch!” Screamed Magret, the youngest, as she tossed cold water on Cyn. Dressed in the finest of leather-wear Magret stood over the beautiful young girl and gave her a kick with the fuck-me heeled, thigh-high boots she wore beneath the leather skirt.

“We have to spend the day getting ready for the Prince’s BDSM Ball, you twit. I’ll need a waxing and my collar needs polishing. I want to make sure the Prince knows that I’ll be the best sub he ever had!”

“Fat chance,” added Donnella, the second oldest. “I happen to know the Prince loves anal and you, baby sister, won’t let anyone near your precious little rosebud!

“Girls!” Ellarent screamed shrewishly at the three girls before looming over Cyn who stood in a corner. The older woman blew smoke in her face and pinched her breasts beneath the threadbare hand-me-down dress. “You, get to work before I take out my lash. I don’t think you remember just how much I like raising those welts on your tender little ass!”

Cyn hid her tears as the woman shoved her out the door. No breakfast again, and once all the prepping was done, she would be expected to do all the cleaning, too, since the sisters had hosted a sex toy party the night before and everything was covered with KY jelly and cum.

Later that evening, when the foursome had been taken away in their ostentatious carriage, bedecked in the latest sado-maso fashions, Cyn plopped into a chair and let the tears flow. She’d been slapped, pinched, kicked and Ellarent had wrenched her arm good and hard, the old Domme enjoying the squeal of pain her assault had ripped from Cyn.

“Why do you let those cunts treat you like that?”

“What? Huh?” Cyn looked up in surprise at the tall, leggy woman in latex who stood before her corner chair. “Who are you, and where did you come from?”

“I’m your fairy Domme Mother, silly girl, and I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to pop in and take you in hand. Now, stand up. We’ve got work to do.”

“For what?”

“For crying out loud for the Prince’s BALL!!!” The woman tossed her mane of red hair over her shoulder and waved her hands at Cyn. “I happen to have it on good information that the Prince is sick and tired of the posturing subs who’ve been attending his balls, and attending TO his balls, I might add, and you are the perfect woman for him. Lovely, obedient, sensual.”

“What about that whole anal thing? I’m not sure . . .” Cyn cringed before the statuesque woman who wiggled her leathery wings. Fairy, my eye, thought the girl – more like my Bat Domme Mother. But being wise she kept this observation to herself. The woman was stunning, it was true.

“Babe, trust me, you will adore anal. Wicked good – the best - unless of course the Prince has a good buddy stop by for some DP.”

“DP?” Cyn was almost afraid to ask.

“Double penetration, sweetie, absolutely divine!” Then she looked at Cyn critically. “I know just how to dress you up, or should I say undress you up, to catch the Prince’s eye and get that big old cock of his to salute. “Come with me.”

* * *

An hour later Cyn D’Arella was announced as Lord D’Arella’s young daughter. She stood trembling at the stop of the grand staircase, trying not to think of how she looked in the black velvet bustier, collar and the swirling, see-through black dress that hid nothing, including the gold thong beneath it that split her little derriere.

“Bitch!” The stepcunts themselves tried to push through the crowd no doubt intent on doing her bodily harm.

But they were thwarted by the arrival of the Prince of the Kingdom.

Cyn could not help but gasp as the broad-shoulder Dom approached like a hungry panther. Clad in black leather leggings and thigh high boots his chest was bared beneath a leather vest. One ear contained a thick gold earring that glimmered beneath his lion’s mane of deep golden hair.

Stepping up to Cyn he towered over her while studying her intently.

“May I?” He reached up and removed the fancy, feminine collar her Fairy Domme Mother had affixed around her slender neck. He did not wait for her nod, but handed the collar to his man in waiting and held out his hand. The man put a length of leather woven with a fine golden chain and a delicate golden clasp into the Prince’s hands.

The Prince reached out and ran a large, strong hand over Cyn’s shoulder and down to her hands. He picked up one palm and kissed the calloused skin. His eyes flashed with an anger that, rather than scaring Cyn, gave her comfort. Here was a man who would not let her be abused. He leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. He tasted of wine and smoke and Cyn could not help but notice the way the leather leggings across his groin tightened and swelled. He likes me! He really, really likes me, she thought in awe!

“How perfectly my collar fits you!” His gaze was hot and possessive as he stared into her eyes. “Will you wear my collar, beautiful one? Will you allow me to educate in the many pleasures of the flesh? Will you bend yourself to my hand from this day forward?”

It took Cyn but a fleeting moment to look into the Prince’s eyes and judge him as the one, the only man, to whom she could happily submit.

“Oh, yes, your Highness, I will be yours!” Her voice sounded breathless in the large chamber.

“No need to call me ‘Highness’, beautiful one. Master will do just fine.” As a roar of approval from the room rose up at the Prince’s choice, he smiled down at her and locked the tiny lock on collar about her neck and hung the key on its chain around his neck. He pulled her close to him hard body and let her feel the effect she had on him. Then he kneaded the cheeks of her derriere through the filmy fabric of her skirt and whispered into her ear.

“I can’t wait to get my cock into that sweet little ass of yours, slave.”

Cyn smiled. Her Master was obviously going to make sure that she lived happily ever after.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Menage a Cinq - Lust In Space

The Orion Team had been in deep space for six months. Boredom had set in, but soon was replaced by a troublesome attraction. Replacement navigator Star Neruli was far too beautiful – and sexy – to be sequestered on the vessel with four virile crew mates. Captain Dex Luther, Royce Darul, Malcolm Stewart and Webb Fortune were each enamored of the lone female aboard. And after a near miss during a shoot out with a rogue pirate vessel, tensions – and adrenaline – blew the lid off the pot of simmering sexual desire.

Star had not fought them when the four men found her, wet and naked in the cleansing stall. They’d been waiting their turn, but high emotions swept them away.

The four men, muscled, powerful, tall and imposing circled her as she stood in their midst. Her breasts heaved and the scent of her arousal filled the small area. She said nothing but once four sets of large hands began fondling her, her moans could not be contained.

Recognizing the dilemma of the close quarters, Dex picked up his diminutive navigator and hauled her out of the room. “Workout room. Now.”

None of the men had to be told twice. Cocks were rigid and each male mind was anticipating the complete submission of their female in his own fashion.

In the workout room the Captain plunked Star down on the edge of a leather weight bench, her legs spread. Her denuded pussy was glistening with her juices and each man’s nostrils flared at her scent.

Without further ado, Dex fell to his knees and tasted her. Star dropped back on the bench, one arm across her eyes as his wicked tongue penetrated her cunt and lapped at her moisture. Her gasping moans and the sight of her tightly furled nipples atop plentiful breasts set the other men on their own courses of action.

Royce and Malcolm fell to either side, one suckling and biting one tight bud, the other squeezing and kneading a large breast.

Webb – acknowledged to like his sex hard and edged with a pleasurable pain, was a dominant man who liked his women submissive and pleasuring him. When Dex had brought Star to a screaming climax, Webb stepped forward. Pulling Star up, he glanced at the other men. They knew what he was asking. Eagerly, Royce fell on his back, his massive organ quivering and red. Webb positioned Star – who was still limp with her climax, over Royce who spread her legs and pulled her down, impaling her in one hard thrust on his cock. Her gasps and squirming were ignored as the other men jockeyed for position. Stroking his erection into steely, throbbing hardness, Malcolm got on his knees at Royce’s head, perfectly positioned before Star’s lips. When she gasped at the penetration of one large cock into her pussy, Malcolm took advantage and slid his own thick dick into her mouth, stifling any further cries. Soon the sound of her eager sucking as he pumped into the warm orifice echoed through the chamber.

Behind her Webb stared hungrily at the winking rosebud of her anus. He pulled a tube of muscle unguent from the shelf. His huge rod needed the lubrication and he loved the writhing when the heated burn of the salve filled a woman’s tight rear hole. Using his long fingers, he penetrated her, thrusting gobs of the lubricant deep inside her. Instantly she began to buck, but with one cock already in her pussy, one in her mouth and hands holding her down, she could do nothing. Webb spread her for a moment until he could wait no longer. He positioned the bulbous head of his cock at her anus and pushed in. As muscles gave way to a huge invader, she went nearly wild. He held her in place until he was fully seated and then began to thrust. Hot, hard, powerful thrusts deep into her ass, as Malcolm fucked her pussy in coordinated pumping. At her head Royce was nearly coming and as their Captain watched, his gaze hot and impatient, Royce spewed thick cum down her throat, bellowing as he pumped his cock deep into her throat. Dex shoved him aside and took his place, ramming his own turgid length into Star’s mouth even as she swallowed Royce’s copious load. Thicker than Royce, he watched as her mouth spread to take his width, her tongue flicking the rim of his pulsing dick.

Webb’s ass fucking was punishing. Malcolm’s dick deep in her womb filled her beyond imagining. After Malcolm had come hard into her channel, and Dex had shot his own wad down her throat, Webb, his cock still impaling her tight ass, pulled her up as Royce took his place beneath her. She was thrust down on his newly rigid rod without mercy and again the men took up fucking her.

Moments later Webb bucked his orgasm and filled her ass with hot, salty cum. Malcolm was now getting his own thorough blow job and so Dex, fingers full of the tingling medicant, shoved them into her ass quickly before replacing them with his own cock.

And so it went for hours. Four hard cocks penetrating Star’s every orifice. Hands spreading her, clutching her, holding her down to accept the men’s absolute, masterful fucking. Webb completed his dominance of her with a forearm deep fisting of her ass as Dex took a turn pummeling her cunt.

As the cabin’s lights dimmed for night sleep, the four men drew away from their navigator. The room was pungent with the scent of cum and sex and Star’s own cream. Cum covered her body, and dried in the corners of her mouth. The shiny unguent and cum mingled on her ass cheeks, the swollen, slick lips of her naked pussy peeked between her spread legs, and puddles of cum pooled beneath her, as the men stared in satisfaction. Dex pulled a warm-up blanket from a cabinet and regretfully covered the beautiful young woman.

Webb was palming his own cock as they trooped out of the room. Dex hit him in the shoulder.

“Let her sleep. We don’t put into port for another six months. There’s plenty of time for fucking.”

Dex spoke for them all as they exited the room.

“Suddenly, I’m not bored anymore.”

And the men turned the lights off, leaving Star naked, spread-eagle, and limp. Fucked senseless, she slept soundly, a broad smile on her well-used mouth, dreaming of months of constantly hard cocks filling all her holes.