Monday, October 7, 2013

Telephonic Titillation - Sexy Excerpt from Words of Lust

She snatched up the phone, breathless with nerves.


“In the flesh. Or at least I wish I was. How was book group?”

“Oh, well, we got to talking and didn’t get around to discussing the book.”

“Should I be afraid to ask what you were talking about?”

“I guess there’s no harm in telling you that you and our sex life was the primary topic of conversation.”

“Why am I not surprised? What is it about ladies getting together that it always ends up being about sex.”

“What else is there?”


“I can’t quite see the various female Professors of English and Economics waxing on about the vagaries of competitive sports.”

“Your loss.”

“Really? We ladies can be quite naughty once we get going. In fact we had a very illuminating comparison of sexual implements that you probably would have found educational.”

“You mean you talked about sex toys.”


“Interesting. So did this conversation get you all hot and bothered? Do we need to take care of that right now? What are you wearing?”

“Give me a minute.” She put down the phone and peeled off her clothes with a tipsy giggle. “Okay. Ask me again.”

“What are you wearing, Professor?”


“That’s my girl. How about you pick out your favorite toy and make yourself comfortable.”

A few minutes later she had eagerly pulled out her favorite vibrator and lay stretched out on across the sofa, the phone cord stretched to its limits.

“What have you got there?”

“My vibrator.”

“Is it one of those little bitty things or is it one of those monsters.”

“It’s a big one.”

“Excellent. Put it in.”



She rubbed the head of the silicon vibrator between her legs. She was already wet. Just thinking of him had made her slick. She slid the vibrator in, relishing the twinge as she stretched around it, still wonderfully sore from hours of sex with him the prior night.

“Is it in?”


“How does it feel.”

“Good – but not as good as you feel inside me.”

“Close your eyes and imagine it’s me.”

“What are you doing?”

“I’ve got my cock in my hand and we’ll play together. Now just lie there and enjoy yourself and I’ll do all the work.”

“Mmm. All right.” She turned the vibrator to its lowest setting and the humming inside her made her purr.

“Sounds like you’re happy?”


“I’m stroking my cock. I’m hard for you. I’m going to fuck you so hard, Professor, so hard that you scream. Will you
scream for me when you come?”

“Yes. I’ll scream.”

“I’ll make you scream. How about I fuck you in my truck? Make you bend over the tailgate. I’ll pull your pretty little panties down and your sweet little cunt will be dripping for me. Won’t it?”

“Yes.” The vibration began to push her slowly towards an orgasm. But his words were the catalyst that made her sizzle.

“I love your ass, have I told you that? It’s beautiful and round and soft. I loved spanking you and I’m going to do that again, right now, before I shove my cock into your tight little pussy.”

She was panting a bit into the phone. Her hand was shaking and holding it was difficult. But his voice mesmerized her. Low, and intoxicating, he drew her into the fantasy.

“I want to fuck you so bad, I can’t wait to get inside. I don’t care if we’re outside where anyone can see us. If they do, they’ll see me pumping into your sweet, gorgeous hole. They’ll envy me because I have you all to myself. No one gets you but me. Do you like that, Serafina? The thought that I own your body, that no other man is allowed to touch you?”

“You know it does.” The erotic thought of being watched as he controlled her, impaled her, outside where anyone might see, was unbearably erotic and she turned the vibrator up. She closed her eyes and imagined the scene, him with his clothes on. Her dress tossed up and her panties down around her knees as he shoved himself into her hard, grunting with effort. She drew up her legs and her toes curled on the sofa as she fought to keep from orgasming. It was too much fun to be led by him.

“I’m not wearing a condom. I want to feel your hot flesh clutching me, milking me. I’m going to come hard, inside you. I’m going to fill you up.”

“It will feel so good.” She began to piston the vibrator deeper, adding the thrust to the twisting motion of the tool. Her hips were moving and she crept closer to coming.

“I will spew inside you. Then I’ll take my cock out and it will be coated with our come. Yours and mine. Then do you know what I’m going to do?”

“No.” Harder she thrust the tool and turned it to the highest setting and began to moan.

“My cock is so hard for you. Even after I’ve come I can’t get enough of you. I want more of you. I want to come in every place in your body. I’m hard and I push right between those sweet cheeks of yours – your ass is marked with my hand all over. You screamed when I spanked you and now I’m shoving my cock up your tight ass and you’re screaming again. If anyone is watching, they are seeing me shove inside your tight ass, I’m fucking you hard. Harder and harder. When I come this time I’m shooting up your ass. You’re filled with my cum. When I pull out I can see you dripping with my cum. I keep you bent over so I can enjoy the sight. Your spanked cheeks, your juicy little pussy and your ass is mine now too.”

His words were guttural and choked and as she came and thrashed on the sofa, her muscles clenched and the vibrator buried deep in her spasming cunt, she heard him grunt, groan and curse and knew he’d come with her.

Even apart they were perfect together.

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